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Jim Tilmon has the unique capability to take what he knows and present it to a wide variety of audiences to educate and motivate in an interesting and enjoyable manner. As a member of his audience, you are sure to benefit from time shared with this unique personality.

Jim's life is a clear picture of the results of drawing upon motivation to reach a live a dream. Much of his motivation came from within.

The image in his mind of what he wanted to do was never in doubt. His family, particularly his parents, encouraged him where others dared not.

Another large portion of his motivation came from outside, often negative influences that served to increase his determination to succeed. As a 5-year old in Oklahoma, he knew he wanted to be a commercial airline pilot - a goal reached by a small handful of people overall and by no African Americans at the time. It would take another 25 years for that historic event. In 1965 Jim Tilmon was the third African American hired as a pilot by American Airlines and the fifth in the United States. It was not an easy road. There were challenges and obstacles the entire journey that Jim was able to meet, overcome and use to his advantage. Also along the way came many incredible opportunities Jim was astute enough to accept resulting in additional careers in television news and media production.

Music was, and remains, a primary and positive influence in every aspect of Jim's life. As he says, "Music is the lubricant that keeps my life running smoothly. It is a universal language that touches all who care to listen".

Examples of topics Jim is available to speak to are:
Music Is the Esperanza of Life
Finding the Dream - Reaching the Goal
You Are Important
Age Is an Attitude

For inquiries about Jim's availability to address your group or organization, please email